Tuesday, 29 June 2010

back from

It was my 3rd glastonbury in a row haha and the weather was amazing! no rain at all, yes i said it, no rain.
I will upload some photos from it when i move into my new flat on saturday but up until then you won't hear anything from me as i'm far too busy, sorry guys!


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

i went to the show last night, loved seeing some old faces, and i've been working on the designs i mentioned in my previous post, not sure if they are working out how i wanted them to though, remember they are meant to be for the top of kitchen chalk boards. any comments would be much appreciated.

lisa x

Monday, 7 June 2010


tonight i'm off to my old college to go and see the degree that i was on before i moved to Leeds, final show :) i'm quite excited actually, will be nice to see a few old faces too.
i'm also in the process of sending a design to a guy on ukhandmade, just need to wait until i get back to Leeds on thursday to use my scanner. He's looking for designs to go on kitchenware chalkboards so i'm thinking of using some of my house designs from my previous project and spruce them up a little, we shall see how it goes, fingers crossed!

i've also decided what my next project will be on.. i know i'm a little bit early but it's going to be based on surbubia and the classic street as i enjoy drawing little quirky houses so much it should be right up my street haha.

oh well toodle pip :)
lisa x