Thursday, 16 September 2010

new beginning

Hi guys,

sorry for neglecting you recently I have been so busy at work working full time, going back to uni on monday will mean more time to post as I will only be working two days a week.

So it's a new beginning, starting my second year of uni on monday and we have to have a project idea in mind for the 1st project of the year; innovative design. For once I actually feel inspired, which rarely happens to me before I've even started a project. I'm planning on basing my project on native american indian folklores from lots of different tribes including Cherokee, Makah and Navajo etc. Our project is meant to be based on something new, we are setting the trends rather than following them so I looked into Navajo prints to begin with and have found they have been in trend in Fashion for some time so I figure they will be in trend in interiors and giftware soon enough, which is what I am planning to design for.

I have also been researching other artists that base their work on folklore, not necessarily native american india folklore and legends but folklore's from all over the world. One artist that really stood out was Sanna Annuka and her amazing screen prints. Image below taken from her website :

Lisa x

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